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 REMINDER  In order to take advantage of free CA Standard Membership from next year,
consent forms must be returned to Robert.
   The croquet season has now finished but enquiries about membership can still
be made - please see the membership section of this website.
 2018  New season's calendar published
 October 1st  We remain in Division 3 of the Parkstone League having lost to Bath CC 6-1
Our team has come top of Division 3 so now has to arrange
a play-off match against the team at the bottom of Division 2 in order to decide
whether we will be promoted to Division 2 next season.
 July 29th  Parkstone League. Away match v Cheltenham 2nds RESULT: The Bears 4, Cheltenham 3
 July 15th  Parkstone League.  Home match v Nailsea 3rds  RESULT: The Bears 3, Nailsea 2
   Man of the match - Keith
 June 27th  Barbecue at GFresh, RAU
 May 28th   Parkstone League.  The Bears 6, Sidmouth 1
 May 20th  Parkstone League.  The Bears 1, Bristol 4
 May 1st  We extend a very warm welcome to our 8 new members
 April 23rd 
 CLUB COMPETITION DAY -  won by new member, Harvey Smith.
 April 2nd  The OPEN DAY was a great success and exceeded expectations.
 20 guests tried out the game and most have started the coaching course.
 April - every Tuesday  Beginners' coaching.
Tuesdays from 2.00 p.m. The cafe is being kept open especially for us until 16.00 each Tuesday.  
They normally close at 14.00 during university holidays.  It is in everyones'
interest to support the cafe owners, Mike and Jo, so please enjoy a cup of
tea and a slice of cake during your next visit.

April 2nd        
Is croquet a game or a sport? 
The answer is the same as it would be for golf inasmuch as if you knock
about in the garden it is a game but if you play seriously and competitively
 in matches, leagues and even internationally it is definitely a sport.
The Bears Croquet Club is now preparing for the new season and has space
 for new members.
The club has young and old members from beginners through to more
experienced players with some playing at an international standard. 
The club enters leagues with matches played across the South-West.
Croquet is a game suitable for all and needs little physical strength but certainly
will challenge the brain. 
If you would like to try this interesting, competitive game that can be learnt
quickly but take years to master, come an meet us on Tuesdays between
2.00 and 7.30 p.m.  Equipment will be provided but please wear a pair of trainers
or flat soled shoes.The croquet court is situated near the tennis courts in front
of the main university buildings.
 March 18th
 Bears launch new website

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